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A Short Love Story

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The night was dark and there was a slight drizzle. She stood there shivering in the rain. "If only I had listened to my inner instincts" she thought. The moment she had slid out of the house she knew it was going to rain but Jimmy was always adamant. He wouldn't leave without meeting her. Poor Jimmy, not his fault entirely, she was equally eager to meet him.

But now, what was she to do? A poor Abyssinian alone in the night in a deserted alley, what could she possibly do? The alley leads to another narrower and darker alley which is the secret meeting place for Angel and Jimmy. Though Jimmy was a Burmese, Angel had fallen for his masculine charms, his brown fur and his athletic body. Besides she never believed in racial discrimination. A cat is always a cat. The drizzle has turned into steady rain and as they say it was raining cats and dogs. She never understood why they say its raining cats. But then humans are like that - always using phrases which never made any sense to her. At this point of time nothing made any sense to her.

She could either continue with her mission to meet Jimmy in the alley or sneak back into the comforts of her home before anyone realises her absence in the house. It was a tough call to make. The heart versus the mind. And finally, like every maiden blinded by the arrows of Cupid she chose her heart. The rain was God's way of testing her she thought, and she was determined not to fail. Not this time. Never. As she turned into the narrow alley she could see the familiar athletic figure of Jimmy. He was waiting for her in the rain. He lifted his right paw to greet her like he always did. Taking long strides, staying close to the sides of the alley she smiled and for the first time in the day purred to herself, confident that she had made the right choice.

Image Courtesy: Big City Small Footprints

nice use of worlds and a very nice expression of the seen... keep it up dear..:)

Hey that was not expected! At all!! I like :)

thanks shraddha...
thanks for the nice words..

Thanks Choco...
this is the first time i tried writing a story... :)

Now that is what is called a twist in the 'tail'! :)

hope u liked the twist.. :)

liked the idea of writing it from the point of view of a cat!!!!!

Thanks Ashok..glad u liked it..

It's really nice ... I mean love story of a cat ...Very sensitive

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