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She wants to live

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The night was dark and there was a slight drizzle. She stood there shivering in the rain. "If only she had listened to her inner instincts" she was intruded by deafening wailing sound.

She was bewildered as every one around were crying and shouting. She made an effort to ask every one, but nobody responded, she saw her mother was shedding tears, her brother smashing his head against the wall, her small child was gazing the wall, he was unaware of the incident but was sure something's going wrong, she could feel her mother's pain, she wanted to wipe her brother's tears, protect her mother, cheer up her child, but then she realized people were not aware of her presence.

Mansi was reminisced with an incident, she was driving on Glaltula Highway, challenging the speed wind so that she could reach home before 12, she wanted to be on her son's third birthday, she was chasing cool breeze, if only she had to die to reach there, she would even do that, It was almost 11.23, she had to cover an 46.2 km in just a span of 30 minutes, suddenly a very glary head light blinded her way, she lost her control and dashed the huge trailer.
Mansi understood she wasn't alive; she no more belonged to this beautiful place. Being a spirit she couldn't have feelings but water was dripping from her eyes, she couldn't die anymore but she died endlessly seeing her son, if she was alive after other half's death it was only because of her son, she wanted to live not for her but for her son. She cried aloud, but she knew the pain that she left for her son, the pain that she left for her mother, the feelings that she left for her brother, but there was no one to share her grief, although it was nothing in front of her beloved's pain.

She wants to live further, not for herself but for her son, she wants to live.


why dont you write ofetn?
this is so terrific Rahul!


pick that pen up and keep writing!

I love it!

This is the best ever appreciation is have received till date..

Thankyou so much..

i loved it
how was that lady who doesn't want to live for herself but for her son
i really loved it
keep writing short stories
i will always readit
tahts my promise because i love short stories.
take care

Thankyou rinkal..
why don't you try out something with stories..?

AWSUM story.....
never knew you could write soo WELL,so many hidden emotions eh?!!
"chupe rustum"??!!
way to go..keep up the gud work!!!:)

Nice story dude...
Really u hav a good skill in writing Short stories...Keep going...

@ shradha..
Thankyou honey..
Itni taarif mat karo yaar..

@ chooser & Rafi..
Thanks for dropping by and adding comments guys..

short and sweet
the 2 best words to describe your story
well written.......keep going

I know i'm not worth to be a winner, with many of semantics and grammatical error..

Will try to improve, on next theme..

Nice work Rahul...
very good use of the theme..

keep writing..

oye tu sabse bada chor nikla.........its jus AWESOME.....
tune likha hai ya kisi aur ne......jus kiddin...tats jus awesome but........next tym writE an story on me k......lolz........
gud work honey....
finally kuch accha hain tujh mein..lolz......

@ BK: thankyou :)
@aa.. thankyou honey..
It was very touching..

Sometimes small things leaves bigger impact than the bigger once.. That's what i suppose you have proved...
Really nice... I liked your our work too..specially that New Year’s resolution one.. reminded me of something which i wrote....

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