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Theme of the month for Sep 2009

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A beach is the location, self doubt is the theme. A picture frame is an object that plays a part in the story.

Complete the story in not more than 2000 words.
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That night!!!

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That day I ,Louis Peindertan could never forget it.I was reading "the horror stories told and retold."The clock rang 12 but I could not keep the book down because the story was so much thrilling slowly,12 became 1........
There was no sound everything was silent,
there was pitch darkness outside
I could hear the tiny waves dashing against the rocks in the far off shore,it was so clear there was no other sound,expect the slow deep breathe of my sister and the sound made by that fan.
I too decided to sleep otherwise I would go on reading,
Now I should go and switch of the lights and then sleep,
I did not have the courage to go and switch off
But I couldn't leave it as such,then
the next day my breakfast would be cut by mom(poor soul how much time she could be kind)
I had to do it,
slowly I got up went and switched off the light
Everything was pitch black
I went and lied near my sister who had slept long ago,closing my eyes tightly,
I could only hear the rustle of the papers,Oh!I wish I should have closed that book,
No,sooner I thought something feel over me,it was so huge strangling me,
It was so huge
and strangling me
I tried pushing it down but it was so huge,
I could not breathe
and soon would be strangled if it continued to do so.
With all the strength I could muster I kicked it hard in the chest it gave a great yell and sprang upon the floor,it couldn't regain at once.
taking that fraction of second as an advantage I tried waking my sister no use.....
the creature has got up.
it is coming towards me,
I just ran banging the door
The main gate was open
I just ran out,there was no one only the street lights glowing
The creature was running slowly,still looking straight at me,as it would never leave me,
I have reached the sea,no more to run expect jump into the sea,
But there is something
a deep chasm
I could reach the sea
before the chasm
no some one has dug it recently
yet it was very deep
it had a

the tombstone which read
Louis Peindertan
Oh!that's today
Before I could regain from the shock the creature has come near me,
I had no way to go except to accept the defeat,
but I am not going to die easily,
whatever it has come seeking for is not going to be that easy,
I fought with all the strength I could muster
but it over powered me,
soon I was dieing falling inside my grave
I just moved my hand vaguely so that I could grasp something,
I felt something long and silvery
I just pulled it.
there was a great yelling sound
everything went black again
I was in my bedroom pulling my sisters hair.

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