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Theme of the month for Sep 2009

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A beach is the location, self doubt is the theme. A picture frame is an object that plays a part in the story.

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The gift to be given.

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It was early morning.It might be 2 'o' clock or 3'o'clock not more than that.Sam,was looking at the picture on the wall.It was the family photo.His family is not too big,just he,his mother and father.And it happened to be his parents wedding day:

Sixteen years has passed since their married life.
Sam too has brought a gift for them and was just thinking of a special way to give in.
How much he loved them.He had no friends,he would not mingle easily in fear that they would tease him.His parents were his only friends.
He loved his parents so much that even the distance between the heaven and hell would not suffice.

He might be 14 but even now he is afraid of dog's bark,darkness,horror movies........ the list would be too long.
He even felt sorry for himself,but he couldn't help it.
The consequences are many:
One day during his English class at school,a long ago, an incident happened which made him popular as the
"the coward of the class"shortly CC.
Everyone called him like that from that day on, even his juniors.Though it was so long the name remains as such because even now he is like that
as the incident goes.....
One fine warm sunny day,after taking the lunch Sam went to his English class.His teacher was teaching him grammar,according to him grammar was of the least importance and of no real use,as he supposed that he knew English very well.
His lunch too was his favorite,so he had sure that there was not a bit left
His mind swayed he was just looking this side and that side and finally was dozing,
At that time to his unfortunate a great lizard fell right in his head,
He yelled
and there was a roar of laughter
From that day on his name became like that,even the teachers called him like that.
He did not like that,but everyone called him like that,so he remained secluded.
Every time someone calls him that way and teases him he would cry to his mother and father.

He again looked at the photo with utmost love and respect that someone might think that he is actually looking at persons.

He was just thinking of how to deliver the gift and was glancing here and there
There lied the old news paper ,not very old it was the day before paper.
He just took it.

The front page had just one news
Jews become prey for the Nazi:
The rate of Jews death has been on the increase since the last two months.Now special order has been given by the Nazi government to enter into Jews residence and......
it went on.
It covered nearly the whole page
Won't these people change thought Sam.

Sam too is a boy of Jewish parentage.He lived in a place where may Jews lived.
But the Nazi had not started their attack yet,they may start it later,one month later,or tomorrow or even today,who knows.
Many people has already fled and Sam's family too would be leaving that day or the next day.
Their area was the only place where the Nazi has not yet started the attack.
It would be their next target.
They very thought terrified the Coward of the Class.

But Sam had other important things in his mind,like his parent's wedding day.
How can he give it he just was thinking..
Can he just jump in and bang the door and give them the gift.
He had taken nearly a month selecting the gift,it was a heart with two doves sitting symbolizing peace and the intense love for his parents.
He could not wait any longer he is just going to bang the door jump in wake them up and give the gift.

He was about to open the door.He touched the door knob he felt that it was very cold.No sooner his hand had touched the knob he heard footsteps,someone was banging against his house door.
Could it be.........

No,he don't want to imagine.
He just wanted to hide.
But he could not move.
Bang !!!!!!!!!!!
the door had been opened there were footsteps there could probably be 4 or5 persons running.
he heard his mother yelling.
A breaking of glass.
and a long deep shot,
and further more chaos,
and he heard his father shout
"Run Sam,run.........."
and another long shot
and a great yell.......

Again chaos .
Does that mean his parent's are dead
Could this possibly be a dream.
He just went towards the photo and glanced at it.
Again he heard the footsteps
but he could not do anything
"Mum"....."Dad" he whispered and hugged it
the men were there too,
"But look how pale and frightened he look" said one of the four.
Sam began to shiver.
One man who seemed to be the leader asked"Hay Dick can we spare this little kid"
A man replied probably Dick,"No,certainly not if he is a Jew"
Of course he is..
look at the photos it is those stupid Jews we killed and he laughed.
The laugh echoed............
again Sam took one look at the photo,he felt something,
"It's my chance now I will kill him"
He raised the gun.......
Sam looked it is this very stupids who killed his dear mum and dad.
Something striked him he did not know what he was doing.
The man fired
Sam dived
"Hey look at this kid doing gymnastics""I will have a try ".said another .
And fired his pistol
but before that Sam had taken his hunters gun and took another huge jump and fell head long over two men knocking them down while their pistol fell away,
he just fired vaguely at the other two,
The four had not expected this sudden attack from the little cowardly boy.
Though the two did not die the injury was sure severe they just collapsed.
Meanwhile Sam turned towards the other two without pistol and fired
while the other two who were injured fired at him hitting at his leg,and the man fell down,
he grabbed the gift and fired vaguely at the 4 again and ran.

He ran ,
to gift the world with
peace,love,friendship and courage.........

Maybe he is still running.
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