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Theme of the month for Sep 2009

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A beach is the location, self doubt is the theme. A picture frame is an object that plays a part in the story.

Complete the story in not more than 2000 words.
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I won the bet

I knew that day was going to different in some way.

Especially after the last encounter at the hotel, something different was certain. What happened at the hotel had not happened at the movie a month earlier. Despite of the fact that there was a better chance of things happening…

There was darkness… there was noise that would have subdued our own voices… there was cold air conditioning and our bodies were yearning for some warmth. Our bodies brushed regularly; a bit deliberately and a bit unintentionally.

Moreover, despite the fact that we wanted something to happen… at least I did.

However, nothing happened… and more happened in the hotel where none of all that was present. I had my doubts about what I wanted. I wanted her but there was some hesitation. I did not want to scar her.

I knew the next day was going to different in some way.

I picked her up from her friend's place and we headed to the beach. A lot was going through my mind concerning work and personal life… If it were on me, I would even have thought of skipping this meeting but I had committed to come.

And especially after the hotel incident, I wanted to meet her more. I knew the next day was going to different in some way.

The plan was definite… there was no plan. We wandered a bit on the road in my car before eventually deciding to go to the beach for a walk. The sun was going down on the furthest corner perhaps in a shy anticipation of what was about to happen. The water was colder than I had expected and the beach was almost deserted. There was a distance of a couple of feet between us as we walked talking nonsensical things as always.

I said some stupid things on a girl that was walking on the beach other than us. She was alone, had her long hair flying open and was walking fast. I told her that I thought the girl looked like a beldam to me… she must be one or else why would she be walking alone on the beach with her hair open and without looking anywhere else. She declined my theory completely and we walked on.

The sun had gone to hide behind the horizon. Darkness was pitching in, water was getting colder and wind was getting stronger. There was a distance of almost a foot between us as we continued to walk on the beach. Somebody had called on her cell phone. She talked for a couple of minutes while I looked at her. I was conscious of the movements around us, she was not. I thought of problems at work but waved the thoughts away. She was trying to explain her point to whoever was on the phone. I was not interested. The weather was pleasant and demanding a bit of attention while she was busy.

She hung up and smiled at me. I raised my eyebrows to show my disliking for her entertaining the call as I had put my own cell phone in the car. She shrugged and my artificial disliking disappeared. We walked a little more. The distance between our bodies decreased. Her hand looked for my hand, it was in my pocket. She pulled it out and held it. That was her way of getting things done… if it is your right, you should snatch it. Holding my hand while we walked on the beach was her right and she took it.

We walked a bit more before she announced that she was tired. We proceeded to the benches at the corner and sat on a cleaner one.

By then it was completely dark around us and quite cold. When we sat on the bench, there was only a distance of a few inches between us. I made sure that the distance was eliminated. We sat there silent… body to body… soul to soul… spine to spine…

‘Can angels sit spine to spine?”

We sat with only one belief. Another kind of love and compassion is not based on something appearing beautiful or nice, but based on the fact that the other person, just like oneself, wants happiness and does not want suffering and indeed has every right to be happy and to overcome suffering. We wanted happiness and an end to our sufferings. I from the suffering of my thirst… she from the suffering of being incurable romantic.

She pinched me in the arm… not for the first time. I did not react. She pinched harder… I still did not react.

“No you can’t do that… you will lose the bet!"

She teased me. I knew I could win the bet any time I wanted but it was not just a bet that was going to take place. It was not just ego at stake. It would have taken me a minute to win the bet if it were some random girl and would have ended the story right there and then but there I knew that would only be a beginning.

I knew that predictions would become post-dictions, equations become justifications. I would turn reckless and mutter like gamblers who cannot stop betting. Not because they are rational but because the cosmos is irrational. Or perhaps not because the cosmos is irrational but because I am rational.

I did not want to begin…

I did not want to begin because I did not know where it would end.

It began.

I won the bet…

It was her first kiss… her lips were warm and soft… nubile and juvenile. She hesitated in opening her mouth and did not use her tongue. For some it could be a lame kiss for she was not an expert but it was not lame.

My hands gripped her waist and brought her nearer. I gave her a tight hug, which she needed desperately. That gave her a bit of confidence and she caught her breath once again. We had forgotten the bet by then and it was not important anymore.

I saw her melting in my arms… I felt her losing consciousness… I felt her losing control. I felt her giving in. to her the first surrender was the final surrender. Yes, she was the kind.

two years later

I sit here with a picture of us in my hands and I don't recall a single dull moment between us. We were what everyone craves to be. We were so perfect. We had everything to make an ever after and yet we drifted apart distant. I miss her today. I miss her everyday. She was a friend. She was a confidant. She was my soul mate. I think I did love her. I loved her very much.


Beautifully written. Wonderfully expressed.

I could actually visualise it all. Very beautiful.

It goes Smooth & Sweet & Warm.

New lovers are tender & nervous, but SMASH IT .. for heart is an organ of fire.

I like it :) Lovely read and romantic. I used to write stories of this cheesy kind also :P You can read here. Wish you good luck for your further reading :)


It was such a nice read. I was loving it and the end... :[ I don't know what to say.

hey thank you!
My God I feel so blessed when people read me :D

and to me... it's sad. it's sad when there is no happy ending.

Beautifully written... nice and meanly outlook on a "beach date". How they know what we want... and who thinks too much???

I meant manly outlook... it's late and I'm getting blind! pff!

I loved the way you wrote it, I could see it all happening. Well done, but seeing your past work has spoiled me quite a bit-- :P You can do even better than this, and you have written better than this. But still, hats off to the beauty of keeping the reader captivated and making them feel each and everything happening!

That was really beautiful!

Wow I really loved your story.
Love doesn't mean you need to end up getting married and have kids.Love can be felt and shared with even from a distance and even after a good many years.And therein lies it's magnificence!

To good to read..

I'm in love with the girl, Loved the ending part, It somewhere developed a hope in my soul that they should have lived together..

Hey AD! I only realized you had written this after I read it. I loved it, very sweet. Love is a beautiful thing;)

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